The raging spirit of Led Zeppelin lives on in HINDENBERG, the east coast's definitive Led Zeppelin music showcase. Featuring Mike McEwan (of A Perfect Tool and Archives) on lead vocals, Mark Hitt (Rat Race Choir, John Entwistle, Brian Johnson) on guitar, Steve “Budgie” Werner (Ace Frehley, Leslie West) on drums, and Lenny Lee (Joey Eppard "3", Richie Scarlet) on bass and keyboards, HINDENBERG is much more than just another Zep cover band, they capture the passion and intensity of the young, hungry Zeppelin, performing at their peak.

All songs remain the same. HINDENBERG have selected the best elements of Led Zeppelin's majestic song catalog to create one of the most intense classic rock acts around. From “Heartbreaker” to “Houses of the Holy,'' HINDENBERG perform these classics so precisely that if one didn't know better, they'd swear they had stumbled back in time. If you love Led Zeppelin or just great classic rock n' roll, then you owe it to yourself to experience an evening with HINDENBERG.










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